Energy storage: Varta with strong business in Italy - expanded product portfolio

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Varta Storage is reporting solid business with energy storage systems in Italy. Within only a few months the residential division of the Bavarian energy storage producer recorded strong sales increase. Due to the high demand the company expanded its range of energy storage systems.

Varta expanded its popular element energy storage series.
Varta expanded its portfolio of energy storage systems.

Already a few months after the market entry in Italy in October 2016 Varta Storage writes a success story with its residential energy storage systems. By orders from Italy, the residential division of the Bavarian Varta Storage GmbH recorded an increase in turnover of more than 30 percent. Particularly high in demand are the models of the series Element.

High demand for retrofitting

According to Gordon Clements, the general manager of Residential at Varta Storage, the 700,000 installed PV systems show how high the potential for residential energy storage in Italy is. The share of retrofitting in the Varta storage business in Italy is currently around 35 percent. However, Clements points out that all energy storage systems sold in Italy must meet CEI-021 standards. Compared to countries like Germany, additional grid connection protection is required.

Response time less than two seconds

According to Clements Varta energy storage devices are characterized by a simple installation with very little time, reliable technology and high performance. Only a current sensor, an internet connection and a simple 16A three-phase current connection are necessary. The new Varta Element series is to be installed by an installer within an hour. For safety reasons, the Varta energy storage systems are equipped with four redundantly secured protective measures, according to Clements. Response time is less than two seconds according to own measurements, whereby the power yield and thus the self-sufficiency can be increased. All Varta energy storage systems can communicate with other measuring and control devices such as PV data loggers, smart grid or smart home applications, he says. Load control of four circuits for external consumers, such as heat pumps or e-bikes, can be adopted.

Popular Element series

The models of the Varta Element series are especially in demand in Italy. The complete system with integrated inverter as well as battery and energy management system is available in six different design colors and three power variants: Varta Element 3 with 3.2 kWh, Element 6 with 6.4 kWh and Element 9 with 9.6 kWh capacity. In addition, the devices can be easily extended in a modular manner. The retrofit kits include a battery charger with one or two modules. The retrofit not only increases the capacity of the memory, but also increases its performance. In Italy, the three-phase systems have been available since the autumn of 2016. This year, single-phase systems will follow.

Energy storage innovations launched

At Intersolar Europe the company presented a whole range of innovations. The Element line is now available with a range-topping capacity of 13 kWh. The smaller element 3 and 6 are still module-expandable with retrofit kits. In addition, the company expanded its portfolio with Varta Element 12 and renamed the Varta home and Varta family as Varta One L and Varta One XL.

A new wall-mounted energy storage system with 3.3 or 6.5 kWh capacity is Varta Pulse. Through plug & play Varta Pulse is operational within 30 minutes and can be paired to all sources of green energy. With compact dimensions of 60 x 69 x 18.5 centimeters it even fits in small spaces. Varta pulse 3 only weights 45 kilograms. The larger Varta pulse 6 has a weight of 65 kilograms. (HCN)

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