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9/12/18, 11:03 AM -

In order to unleash the potential of solar and storage in Europe market barriers have to be removed, SolarPower Europe outlines in a white paper.

Consumers in Europe should be empowered to self-generate and store solar power without any burden.
Consumers in Europe should be empowered to self-generate and store solar power without any burden.

SolarPower Europe published its white paper 'Unleashing the Potential of Solar & Storage', which explains the key benefits of solar & storage in the electricity market and outlines the policy needs to facilitate the growth of both technologies in Europe.

Push for a powerful Market Design package

James Watson, CEO of SolarPower Europe said, "Now that the EU has agreed on a 32% RES 2030 target in the Renewable Energy Directive, it is crucial to push for a powerful Market Design package. This must empower consumers to self-generate and store solar power without any burden, this will facilitate reaching that renewable target using the lowest cost and most flexible clean power solutions."

Solar and storage should have access to all markets

Felix Dembski, VP Strategy at Sonnen, a leading German storage solutions provider that offers peer-to-peer business models, which enable solar system operators to share their power with each other and offer grid services to the system, said, "Solar & Storage should have access to all markets, especially those for flexibility and ancillary services, with products that value fast and accurate services."

Case studies show the major benefits

SolarPower Europe's white paper explains in six case studies the major benefits of solar & battery storage: How storage optimises solar supply, complements solar output, provides ancillary services and reduces network cost. In addition, solar & storage provide more stable energy prices and power consumers to actively participate in the energy transition while controlling their energy bills.

Combining solar and storage drives energy transition

Michael Schmela, Head of Market Intelligence at SolarPower Europe said: "Solar covers around 5% of the European electricity demand today, but it would only take around 20 GW of newly installed solar capacity per year to increase its share up to 15% by 2030. By combining battery storage with solar we could easily go much faster."

The Unleashing the Potential of Solar & Storage white paper is a product of SolarPower Europe's Solar & Storage Task Force which represents more than 25 leading companies in this field and is led by Tesla. (HCN)

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