„Breakthrough moment for solar in Europe”

1/10/18, 11:02 AM -

SolarPower Europe welcomes the EU Clean Energy Industrial Forum as an important step to boost solar jobs and investment. The solar industry association participates actively in the new Forum.

The EU takes new steps to boost solar and renewable development, SolarPower Europe says.
The EU takes new steps to boost solar and renewable development, SolarPower Europe says.

Yesterday, the European Commission's first High-Level Meeting of the Clean Energy Industrial Forum on Renewables, led by European Commissioner Miguel Canete, addressed the key issues of trade policy, industrial competitiveness and R&D&I for the renewables and solar sector in Europe.

"The Clean Energy Industrial Forum is a breakthrough moment for solar in Europe and is exactly what the European solar sector needs. With this Forum, the EU and industry players will be able to ensure that policies which have previously focused only on developing markets, will also focus on making sure the right supply side strategies are in place in Europe. This will generate countless new business opportunities and jobs - the solar sector alone could support 300,000 jobs by 2030 according to a recent EY study' said Christian Westermeier, President of SolarPower Europe.

Bolster the entire solar value chain

"SolarPower Europe has been involved in the development of this Forum since 2016 when the Board called for an industrial strategy for solar in Europe, which led to the launch of our Industrial Competitiveness Task Force in 2017. The Clean Energy Industrial Forum is an eagerly awaited initiative that will invigorate our sector. It is also the perfect opportunity to review policies that have hampered competitiveness, such as the trade measures on solar panels and bring about a holistic policy that bolster the entire solar value chain. We look forward to working with Commission on the Clean Energy Industrial Forum which will ensure solar's continued success' added James Watson, CEO of SolarPower Europe.

The objective of the Clean Energy Industrial Forum is to strengthen the industrial basis and the EU value chain for renewable energy technologies, such as solar power. SolarPower Europe was represented by its leading members Baywa r.e., Enel Green Power, SMA, Total and Wacker Chemie, at the High-Level Meeting. (HCN)

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