Tip for architects: Already 420 products for solar buildings online

9/14/18, 5:00 PM -

The new Solar Age B2B portal offers architects, building planners and real estate users more than 420 products to choose from. As a club member you can use the comprehensive database.

You can choose the products in different categories.

420 products specially tailored to the needs of architects, building planners, builders and the real estate industry are already gathered on the www.solarage.eu web platform. These include, for example:

solar modules (crystalline, thin-film, OPV, glass-foil, glass-glass),
solar roof tiles and shingles,
inverters and DC optimizers,
mounting systems for facade installation,
mounting systems for in-roof generators,
mounting systems for rooftop systems,
solar balconies and solar carports,
overhead glazing with solar modules for terraces and pergolas.

Solar batteries and components for e-mobility can also be selected via the database. In addition, there are proposals for the winter electricity supply, planning software, heat pumps, smart home and efficient energy use in the building. There is also a product category that deals with the maintenance and servicing of the solar generators on the building.

The use of the product database is reserved to the members of the Solar Age Club. The membership costs 89 euros per year and is tax deductible as an operating expense (specialist information service). The database is permanently updated and extended by new entries.

Club members also receive numerous tips, hints, planning tools, and checklists. The industry service offers its specialist information in German and English. (HS)

Video: How to use Solar Age!