Tinted solar roofs for Mecca

2/6/19, 2:03 PM -

The holy city of Mecca is held sacred by nearly two billion Muslims, to whom the colour green also has a special significance. Thus it was obvious to give the solar modules on the roof of one of the mosques in Mecca that colour.

Tinted solar roofs for Mecca
Green is the holy colour in Islam

Solar cells do not only have to be blue or black like the different silicon crystallites. Sunovation has already implemented several ambitious architectural solar solutions – in colours specified by customers.
Such as green in case of the most holy places of Islam in Mecca. Heribert Ley of Sunovation explains the challenges that had to be overcome: "We manufacture the modules according to the customer's demands. The glass is tinted using the tried and tested screen printing process.
Green cells and curved modules
Cell colours are specially developed for the application in question. In one project, Sunovation even supplied green cells. The company produced curved modules for the roof of one of the most important mosques in the Middle East, with a total area of almost 13,000 square meters. Each module has an area of around two square metres. "The cells were coated in such a way that they perfectly match the green-printed glass," Ley explains. "Certainly, a particularly exclusive product. Such a thing can hardly be achieved with conventional processes of module production".
Modules filled with silicone gel
Sunovation no longer uses the usual films to laminate their cells. The modules are filled with a specially developed silicone gel. "This is a technology that is also being used in the space industry for the solar cantilevers of satellites," says Ley. "This process does not require vacuum, pressure or high temperatures, which in turn protects the solar cells. We have a patent on our filling process, and the modules are also protected as registered designs or utility models."
For a more detailed description of this project and for other reference projects in so-lar architecture and building services, please visit the Internet portal Solar Age. (HS/mfo)

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