T.Werk Introduces New Elevation System For Flat Roofs and Non-Penetrative Solar Module Installation

3/30/16, 3:35 PM -

The Germany-based T.Werk is launching its new Triton elevation system in May. The installation system is suitable for every conceivable flat roof, be it foil, bitumen, gravel, grass or trapezoidal sheet. The new installation system is available as two south variants with elevation angles of 10 and 15 degrees, and an east-west model with a 12 degree angle of elevation.

Triton South has an angle of elevation of 10 degree and 15 degree.

Each ground rail can be used for string cable routing. T.Werk also offers an option with special cable ducts for the module cables, which run under the modules to ensure a tidy and metallic shielded cable guide under the whole module field.

And the Triton elevation system can be installed without penetrating the roof itself. The high level of prefabrication, the bolt connections and the modular construction system guarantee a much shorter installation time.

The use of thick coated and highly resistant zinc-aluminium-magnesium alloy for the coating of the high tensile steel guarantees that the system withstands both ammonia contamination and salty air at the coast. T.Werk provides a 12 year guarantee.

Optimization in the wind tunnel

Nor are low load reserves a problem for Triton. “We tested our system in a boundary layer wind tunnel at the I.F.I. Institute in Aachen", explains managing director Markus Ziegler of T.Werk. “This means we can guarantee that our system has been optimized in terms of stability and aerodynamics, making it also suitable for roofs with low load reserves.”

Founded in 2012

T.Werk was founded in 2012. The company manufactures and sells elevation systems for steep and flat roofs, open space systems and individual customer-specific systems. T.Werk also provides comprehensive services, including structural calculations, on-site inspections, training for assembly technicians, and site management. (HS)