Solar power for the Flemish regional parliament

3/6/19, 2:00 PM -

The Flemish regional parliament in Brussels has been given a new home. Not only does this look fantastic, it also boasts a highly sophisticated energy system. At its heart is a gigantic solar system on the roof of the building complex.

Solar power for the Flemish regional parliament
PV as far as the eye can see on Belgium’s largest passive house.

With its new premises, the Flemish regional parliament in Brussels has implemented requirements that it had specified for other buildings. The parliament not only achieves the Passive House standard with this building, but also the highest score according to its own Office Building Valuation Handbook.
The impressive and well thought-out architecture alone ensures that the building with its beautiful brick façade consumes as little energy as possible. In addition, the new building complex impresses with its sophisticated energy system. The concrete walls are energetically activated and ensure a pleasant and constant interior climate. The active concrete cores are fed by a geothermal probe. This in turn uses the solar power supplied by two massive solar systems on the roof.
316 megawatt hours of electricity per year
A total of 1,268 Panasonic Solar modules have been installed on the roof by Linea Trovata, the photovoltaic planners from Brussels. Some of the modules were inclined by 15 degrees to the southwest. The remaining panels were mounted by the installers on special substructures at an angle of three degrees. With an output of 412.2 kilowatts, the system thus delivers 316 megawatt hours of clean solar power every year, most of which is consumed by the building.
In this way, Neutelings Riedijk Architects from Rotterdam in the Netherlands, together with their colleagues from the Brussels architecture firm Conix RDBM, have created what is currently the largest passive house in Belgium. A detailed description of the building with the energy concept can be found in the project database of the architecture portal Solar Age. (su/mfo)
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