Self-consumption: smart designed 1 MW rooftop installation on a shopping mall in Namibia

8/2/16, 2:00 PM -

Namibia’s biggest shopping mall is partly powered directly from its rooftop. A 1 MW PV installation is optimized for self-consumption and generates nearly 2 million kilowatt hours yearly.

Optimized for self-consumption: Namibia`s second largest PV rooftop installation at Maerua Mall.

Since last autumn, the Maerua Mall has received some of its electricity directly from its own rooftop. The project was realized by Krannich Solar in collaboration with a local partner. For the country’s second-largest solar rooftop installation, 4,000 Axitec 260P modules were installed and connected to the grid via 40 SMA STP 25000TL string inverters. The east-west facing installation produces nearly 2 million kilowatt hours of solar power every year, all of which are consumed locally.

Beneficial east-west installation

Namibia’s solar potential is among the highest in the world, with average daily values of 6.5 kWh/m. The east-west installation is proving its worth due to the long solar day and its high coverage of expensive “peak electricity rates.” In recent years, electricity prices in Namibia have continuously increased by approximately 15 percent per year. Further increases are expected. In addition, supply shortages are not uncommon. All reasons which explain why the operator of the shopping centre has already begun to plan the next stage of the solar installation. With the additional 2.5 MWh, the largest rooftop installation in Africa would produce solar power for shopping enjoyment in Maerua.

Crucial knowledge of local conditions

Krannich Solar has already realised various successful projects of differing sizes with the local Namibian partner. “The Axitec modules were ideal for this project,” reports Joring von Gossler, head of on-site project implementation. “Thanks to the excellent warranty conditions and high confidence in German brands, German manufacturer Axitec was the obvious choice for this project. We have worked with Krannich Solar for over three years now, and as always they were highly professional and reliable during their collaboration on the project.” Benjamin Schaible, export manager for Krannich Solar, adds: “We are delighted to have an experienced, long-term partner in Namibia, with a great network and superior knowledge of local conditions.” (HCN)

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