S:Flex is going to mount the modules directly onto the roof

3/4/16, 9:50 AM -

Without penetrating the skin, the S:Flex Standing Seam Clamp is an interesting solution to mount PV modules onto standing seam metal rooftops. The framed modules can be mounted quickly and safely directly onto the metal roof using the proven click-technology.

The new Standing Seam Clamp does not penetrate the roof’s skin

The Standing Seam Clamp is cost-efficient thanks to low material usage, transport costs and warehouse space. The complete racking system for a one kilowatt PV array can fit into a shoe box. For roofs which do not allow for the direct mounting of modules onto the Standing Seam Clamp, a combination of S:Flex rails with clickable Cross-Adapters can be used. Rail-less module installation is possible directly onto the standing seam clamp.

The features at a glance:

  • optional installation with rails and clickable cross-adapters,
  • when directly mounted onto the Standing Seam Clamp, there are no additional stress to the roof membrane due to thermal expansion,
  • no roof penetration – no leakage,
  • wide clamping area ensures a distributed force on the seam,
  • EPDM bands on the underside of the clamp avoid scratches on the metal sheet,
  • low logistical costs thanks to few components and compact construction without lengthy rails,
  • manufactured with weatherproof aluminum and stainless steel. (HS)