Renusol mounting solution for a 756 kW solar microgrid system on ABB headquarters in South Africa – high quality installation within 2 weeks

8/5/16, 2:00 PM -

Renusol realized its first major project in South Africa successfully. The installation of a high-quality mounting solution for a 756 kW PV microgrid installation of ABB`s headquarters in Johannesburg only took two weeks.

Renusol VS+ mounting system for standing seam roofs was installed on the national headquarters of ABB in South Africa in Longmeadow, Johannesburg.

The South African wholesaler Lumax Energy has equipped the national headquarters of ABB with a mounting solution from Renusol for its 756 kW solar microgrid installation. They system has full grid-connection and off-grid functionalities in order to maximize the use of renewable energy and ensure uninterrupted power supply.

Flexible backup source

“This microgrid installation is indicative of our ability to provide electricity to remote or isolated areas, integrated with traditional and renewable generation”, said Leon Viljoen, Managing Director, ABB South Africa Pty Ltd. ”They can also serve as a flexible backup source for industrial and commercial facilities and help address power disruptions while minimizing environmental impact. ABB partnered with Lumax Energy and Renusol for planning and designing the module mounting solution and the teams worked well in successfully delivering the project.”

High quality seam clamps

Renusol supplied the mounting system for the large-scale project. The German specialist in PV mounting systems entered the South African solar market recently. “Using high quality seam clamps with Renusol rails we achieved a solution that is good for both the panels and the roof. The clamps ensure the roof sheeting warranties are honoured while the rail system elevates the panels to a good height for ventilation purposes. The ease of use of the system allowed a fast installation time, it took approximately two weeks to install all the mounting kit”, says Frans-Willem Vermaak, Business Development Manager of Lumax Energy.
“The conclusion of this project is a big step forward for us as well as a great reference. Additional projects with Lumax are already in the pipeline,” reports Sven Künzel, Renusol’s Managing Director. (HCN)

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