New regulation for the training of solar installers in Poland

4/28/17, 11:00 AM -

The Polish Ministry of Energy has published two draft regulations for the training and certification of photovoltaic solar installers in the country. They also apply to installers of other renewable energy technologies.

With a new regulation Poland wants to rule the training of photovoltaic solar installers.
In face of the growing solar market Poland introduced new regulations for the training of photovoltaic solar installers.

The Polish Ministry of Energy wants to re-regulate the training, testing and certification of solar technicians. A corresponding draft regulation has now been adopted and published according to photovoltaik, the German sister publication of pv Europe. The new regulations are to replace the regulation of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of 25 March 2014, which expired on 5 November 2016. Background is the growing solar market and current renewable biddings in Poland.

Regulations for installers

Specifically, it is about the certification of installers of small photovoltaic plants, heat pumps and combined heat and power plants. The regulation also rules the certification of installers who install small solar thermal systems, boilers or biomass plants. To obtain a certificate, they must first pass an examination organized by the Polish Technical Inspection Office (UDT). This examination consists of a theoretical part and a practical part. In the theoretical test the craftsmen have to answer 24 questions. In a practical test, they have to solve three specific installation problems. Only reference materials that are made available by the Examination Board may be used during the tests.

Training content structured

In order to be admitted to the examination, the installers must first complete an appropriate training. The regulation specifies how the curricula should look at the training. It also regulates the requirements for trainers who must be approved by the UDT. The Office also regularly checks whether the training institutes are still in accordance with the stipulated regulations.

Costs determined

In a second regulation, the Ministry of Energy also rules the amount of training costs and fees for testing and certification. For example, the examination fee is 20 percent of an average monthly salary in Poland, as calculated by the Statistical Office according to specific requirements. This currently stands at 3,899.78 zloty (about 905 euro). If the installer passed the test, the certification costs another five percent of the average wage. In the case of renewal of a certificate obtained, ten percent of an average monthly salary in Poland is due. The fee for the accreditation of a training institute is one and a half average monthly pay. (HCN)

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