New Free Design Software AeroTool Light Makes PV Planning Very Easy

3/23/16, 8:56 AM -

With the free and unique online software, AeroTool Light, Austrian software house Aerocompact sets new standards and provides its customers with a tool to quick and accurate plan ballasted PV systems on flat roofs.

Only some steps are needed to plan the solar generator on the building.

Using this tool, solar providers can easily create layouts for their flat roof projects with the help of Google Maps without ever being on the roof.

AeroTool Light displays roof obstructions such as skylights or ventilation pipes and uses the chosen module scaled to the roof dimensions.  After entering basic information, an editable module layout, accurate BOM and a standardized static design can be accomplished within minutes.

By using the software, solar providers can optimally utilize their resources and save planning time and costs, especially in the bidding stage of a project.

AeroTool Light is available to everyone with only three steps for an easy and fast registration.

To try AeroTool Light please visit: