Modules built into showcase facade in Lithuania

2/14/20, 2:04 PM -

The Lithuanian glass refiner Glassbel has installed an additional photovoltaic facade in front of the actual outer wall of the building at its headquarters in Kleipeda.

Modules built into prototype facade in Lithuania
A total of 15 different types of solar modules were integrated in the facade of the Glassbel building.

The shell of the main building of the Lithuanian glass refiner Glassbel consists of a curtain-type solar facade. Quite a variety of different modules adorn the building. There is method behind this wild mixture: Glassbel wants to show what is possible with crystalline modules. After all, the company is a partner in the Smart Flex project. The aim is to build a bridge between photovoltaics and architects together with the module manufacturer Viasolis. The company manufactures individual modules according to architects' specifications. The planning starts with the construction of the facade.

A complete description of this impressive project can be found as a dossier in the project database of the Solar Age architecture portal. Use of the database is free of charge after registration and login. (mfo)