Largest store PV rooftop installation in Norway with 111 kW – monocrystalline modules from ET Solar

8/31/16, 2:00 PM -

Norway`s largest PV installation on retail store was commissoned recently. The 111 kW installation is powered by mono-crystalline modules from ET Solar.

A 111 kW installation 410 with 270 W mono-crystalline modules of ET Solar power a store in Norway.

The project is also the first PV installation on a store in Oslo. 410 ET Solar 270 W mono-crystalline panels were installed. The expected yearly generation is 83,000 kilowatt hours.

Entry into the Norwegian commercial PV market

The project marks the ET Solar`s entry into the Norwegian commercial PV rooftop market. Norway produces large quantities of hydro power, but the government is also committed to foster other renewables including photovoltaics. Recently Solenergi FUSen AS, the Norwegian Premium Partner of IBC SOLAR AG expanded a PV rooftop installation on a dry storage facility of ASKO in Southern Norway to more than 1 MW. (HCN)

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