Implementing large-scale photovoltaic project in Vietnam

2/6/20, 11:09 AM -

Solarwatt is partnering with Aone Deutschland AG to deliver a groundbreaking renewable-energy project in Vietnam.

Implementing large-scale photovoltaic project in Vietnam
Aone Deutschland AG is already planning an expansion of the Song Duong waterworks.

Solarwatt is supplying 8,424 modules for a 2.7 megawatt photovoltaic installation to make a local water supply plant on the Song Duong River largely self-sufficient using green, economical solar power. Solarwatt is working on the project with Aone Deutschland AG, the investor and operator of the plant, located on the outskirts of the Vietnamese capital Hanoi.

Saxony's Minister of Economic Affairs, Martin Dulig, personally lobbied for the implementation of the project, bringing together Leipzig-based Aone Deutschland AG, a developer of sustainable and efficient infrastructure projects, and Solarwatt, based in Dresden. Long established in home and business markets, Solarwatt is also increasingly active in utility-scale solar PV projects.

Delivery of modules in spring 2020

Aone CEO Alexander Redeker and Solarwatt CFO Sven Böhm signed contracts for future cooperation in December. Delivery of the Solarwatt modules is scheduled for February/March 2020, the photovoltaic system is to be installed in the course of the year. Aone Deutschland AG is already planning an expansion of the Song Duong waterworks, as Alexander Redeker explains: "We will expand the waterworks considerably in the coming years and extend the photovoltaic system. The solar plant’s capacity could be increased to as much as 10 megawatts."

Not-breaking news:
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While energy in Vietnam historically comes mainly from hydropower and coal, renewable energy is expected to increase significantly: "Hydroelectric power plants have almost reached peak output, so wind and solar plants will become much more important in Vietnam. We are very pleased to be part of this landmark project with our modules," said Sven Böhm of Solarwatt. As project developer, Aone Deutschland decided to cooperate with Dresden-based Solarwatt specifically, as Alexander Redeker confirms: "Solarwatt stands for premium quality in the PV sector – this was extremely important to us. We also chose a German company to keep the entire process as simple as possible."

Vietnam and Saxony: long-standing business relationship

Germany is the most important European trading partner for Vietnam. Business relations with Saxony date back many decades: Even in the days of the GDR, many students and skilled workers from Vietnam trained in Saxon companies and universities. Many Saxon companies have retained long-term cooperation with Vietnam and continue to implement projects there. Financing of the Song Duong waterworks photovoltaic system was undertaken by Stadt- und Kreissparkasse Leipzig and Bürgschaftsbank Sachsen. (mfo)