Goldbeck Solar installed largest PV plant in Central Asia

2/2/19, 2:23 PM -

Within only six months Goldbeck Solar installed a 100 MW PV-plant in Kazakhstan. The $105 million project was financed through the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development EBRD.

306,660 solar modules and 40 inverters were installed at the PV plant in the Karaganda region of Kazakhstan.
306,660 solar modules and 40 inverters were installed at the PV plant in the Karaganda region of Kazakhstan. The expected yield is more than 140,000 MWh yearly.

The largest photovoltaic plant in Central Asia was built on 160 hectares in the Karaganda region of Kazakhstan, right on the Silk Road. It took just under 12 months for the complete planning and permission process of the project and only 6 months for the finalization of the construction, including the electrical substation. It went into operation end of December.

Expected yield of more than 140,000 MWh yearly

"This result is a team effort " said Joachim Goldbeck president of the company. The support provided by the authorities, the ministries and the German embassy was particularly active and exemplary. "The performance of more than 140,000 MWh a year represents a major step for the region towards clean energy generation and independence," says the solar entrepreneur. For this project the company selected carefully high quality components to ensure a stable energy performance for more than 30 years. Improving the infrastructure in the ex Soviet Union State USSR is the basis for economic recovery and social prosperity.

Around $105 million invested

Approximately $105 million were invested in this project during the six-month of construction. The European Bank of Reconstruction and Development EBRD was the financing partner. In terms of human resources, there were construction periods in which up to 500 people worked simultaneously on the site. 306,660 solar modules and 40 inverters were installed. This short period of construction was achieved thanks to the dedicated commitment of all the participants. Specially in November, the team was able to install up to 10,000 modules per day (3.3 MW). The positive effects that this project brought to the region are reflected in many construction-related services such as logistics. It will also generate 15 permanent jobs during the 30 years of operation.

Further PV projects planned in Kazakhastan

"We were able to play out our know-how from other regions, such as England and the Netherlands and we have also gained new experiences. We have paved the way for further facilities in Kazakhstan, "says Joachim Goldbeck. The pioneering project is expected to be followed by others. Numerous follow-up projects are currently in the initial phase, some of which are already under negotiation and planning.

Goldbeck Solar will be also participating in the Renewable Energy Summit 2019 in February in Astana.(HCN)

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