Exemplary self-consumption project on French dairy farm

1/13/17, 2:00 PM -

As an exemplary self-consumption business model the new SolarPower Europe report refers to PV installation on a dairy farm in France. The payback period was just over seven years.

Wittelsheim GAEC dairy farm with a 14 kW PV installation for self-consumption.

The project is in Wittelsheim in the Alsace region in France. There the Wittelsheim Groupement Agricole d’Exploitation Collective (GAEC) dairy farm installed a PV system.

22 percent of the power demand covered

The farm has a 14 kW PV system installed on its roof. The system produces almost 15,000 kWh/year, practically all of which is self-consumed. The output covers 22 percent of the site’s total demand. The Dairy farms use electricity for the pumping system and processing and refrigerating the milk.

Only ten percent funded through subsidies

The system cost just under 23,000 EUR in total, or a specific system price of 1,630 EUR/kW. The retail electricity price for the farm is 0.1525 EUR/kWh. Approximately ten percent of the system funding was through subsidies. Overall this resulted in a particularly short payback period of just over seven years, the new report of SolarPower Europe about solar PV business models states. (HCN)

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