Tesvolt expands support for installers

2/1/18, 11:01 AM -

Tesvolt is expanding its support for its specialist partners in order to facilitate access to end customers. The battery manufacturer is providing road shows, where installers receive trainings and other marketing support.

Simon Schandert, CTO of Tesvolt, with the high-voltage storage system TS HV 70.
Simon Schandert, CTO of Tesvolt, with the high-voltage storage system TS HV 70.

Since 1 December 2017, the battery manufacturer Tesvolt has been selling its products to technicians and installers as part of a two-step sales process. The shorter sales channel makes it possible for tradespeople to purchase storage systems directly from Tesvolt and benefit from direct assistance and support during project planning. In order to facilitate access to end customers, the company is now providing support for its specialist partners in the form of regional campaigns in online and print media as well as so-called road shows, where installers receive training in sales as well as in the handling of products.

Provide concrete sales support

“In addition to supplying our local specialist partners with a sophisticated product, as a partner for tradespeople, we also want to provide them with concrete sales support”, says Michael Geib, Vice President of Sales at Tesvolt. This includes providing customised sales materials, forwarding inquiries from the region to the appropriate specialist partners and providing support in the form of digital tools, which are available on the Tesvolt website.

Specialist partners are at the centre of the sales strategy

Solartechnik Ebbes, located in Nordkirchen in North Rhine-Westphalia, was one of the first partners to profit from the advantages of the new strategy. The specialist for forward-looking energy systems installed several projects in the region, including at a veterinary practice, at car dealerships as well as in private homes. All of the customers had the goal of increasing self-consumption of electricity generated by a photovoltaic installation and thereby self-sufficiency. The car dealerships also used the storage system to supply charging stations for e-vehicles.
“The veterinary practice wanted to connect as many power generating installations as possible to the storage system. In addition, they needed a true emergency power supply and high charging and discharging power. Tesvolt was the clear solution. This was our first joint project, but unlike with many other storage systems we had used previously, we were never worried that something would go wrong, because communication between us as planners and Tesvolt worked perfectly right from the start,” explained André Schöneis, Vice Managing Director of Solartechnik Ebbes. (HCN)

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