Sungrow installs world’s largest PV & energy storage microgrid for over 14,000 people

10/28/16, 8:00 AM -

Sungrow installed a PV & energy storage microgrid power plant with 13 MW of PV inverters and 7 MW of energy storage inverters in Shuanghu. This worldwide highest region is located in China’s Tibet province.

Sungrow`s 20 MW PV based microgrid is located in over 5,000 meters height and faces extreme weather conditions.

The 20 MW microgrid power plant aims to provide electricity to over 14,000 people living in the vicinity, with average elevations reaching heights of over 5000 meters. With temperatures often dipping below -5℃ and the lowest temperatures recorded at -40℃.

Extreme climate as a challenge

Shuanghu County’s extreme climate has frequently posed challenges to inverters and other solar components, operating in the region’s frigid conditions. Sungrow’s solar and energy storage inverters, together with the company‘s batteries systems, are employed in this project.

Designed with standardized container specifications

Sungrow’s inverters are designed with standardized container specifications, drastically shortening the time required for installation and commissioning which in turn reduces overall installed costs. In difficult geographic locations where labour and other installation-related costs are proportionately higher, these types of cost reductions are even more accentuated.

Remote monitoring allows unattended operation

The microgrid is designed for remote monitoring and allows unattended operation according to the company. “We are always dedicated to bringing green and effective energy to markets in need all around the world, especially for those who reside in areas with limited access to electricity”,  Renxian Cao, President of Sungrow said. Total installations of Sungrow are 26 GW globally. (HCN)

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