Stornetic Launches New Megawatt Energy Storage Unit With Mechanical Flywheel Inside

3/21/16, 3:00 PM -

The DuraStor1000 with its one megawatt output is the energy storage system manufacturer’s step into a new output category. Despite the increased output, the unit takes up less space. Like the 600 kilowatt system ES600 which has been in operation since last year, the DuraStor 1000 is supplied in a 40-foot standard container.

The heart of the system is a mechanical flywheel which transform the electrical energy in rotations – and vice versa.

“The decisive factor in this breakthrough was the increased output of the individual flywheel”, explains Stornetic’s Managing Director Rainer vor dem Esche. “Our engineers succeeded in quadrupling the output of the flywheel machine.” Stornetic will therefore be offering its customers significantly more powerful systems. “This is particularly appealing for our customers, because it appreciably lowers the capital expenditure for applications with short delivery times.”

Stornetics combines the features of mechanical energy storage units such as robustness and longevity with the characteristics of container solutions, such as faster installation and compactness.

Modular in structure

Furthermore, a DuraStor system is modular in structure. Depending on the customer’s requirements, a number of systems can be linked together or any number of individual devices combined to form bespoke, smaller systems. The energy storage units provide power to applications as frequency control, wind firming, peak power and stabilization of microgrids, power quality and regenerative breaking of metros and trams.

Transforming electrical energy in rotations

The new DuraStor1000 energy storage unit comprises 16 flywheels (EnWheel), which can be accelerated to a speed of up to 45,000 revolutions per minute. This transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy. When recovering energy the motor acts as a generator, producing electric current while slowing down the rotor. The reaction time of an EnWheel is in the range of 50 milliseconds.

These devices are designed for an operating lifespan of 20 years under conditions of alternating stress. The storage unit operates purely mechanically, i.e. without the use of chemicals and is made of materials that are fully recyclable. (HS)