Storage advice: Use compressed air and EVs!

7/16/19, 5:00 PM -

By switching to solar electricity, this item in the balance sheet can be reduced significantly. That is, if you take the following advice.

IKEA uses solar power for self-consumption of the marts.

Solar electricity can also be used to run the electric compressors of a compressed air system. Compressed air is also a medium for storing energy, often use in some companies for tools or machines.

Access to charge points

Electric cars can also be powered from the solar electricity off the factory roof or covered parking spaces on the premises. Access to charge points provides an incentive to employees to buy electric cars or pedelecs.

Electric cars are still more expensive to buy than vehicles with a combustion engine, but manufacturers these days offer leasing at very favourable conditions. And the unbeatable advantage: Electric vehicles are much cheaper to run. Not only are there no fuel costs, but maintenance and MOT are much less expensive. (HS)

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