Storage advice: Transport rules for lithium batteries

4/26/19, 5:00 PM -

For transport, lithium batteries classified under category 2 of international ADR regulations. They are valued at three points per kilogram.

The larger the storage system the more battery modules have to be delivered to the installation site.

The installing company may transport batteries up to a total weight of 333 kilograms. However, in such a case he may not carry a gas cylinder or other dangerous goods. The exact calculation is regulated in the ADR under point This 1,000-points rule also applies to logistics, while the tradesman’s rule only applies to installing companies.

Some simplifications

As of 2011, the ADR provides certain simplifications for the transport, e.g. of batteries, by installing companies, if the product is to be transported from the company to the customer. This exemption does not apply to distributors or for transporting between warehouses. The exemption is described in the ADR in point, paragraph C. Look there to get informed. (HS)

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