Storage advice: Take care of the switch

6/17/19, 5:00 PM -

The gap between the black-out of the grid and island operation of the solar battery needs the right inverters. They must be able to switch very fast.

New commercial system from Energy Depot, introduced at Munich EES Europe 2017.

Two battery cabinets of 30 kilowatt hours each and regulated by three island inverters are charged or discharged in 1.7 hours. If the battery also is to work when the grid fails, it has to be able to cope with high currents during the switch-over from on-grid to off-grid mode. The gap between on- grid and running the system off-grid must be bridged between 15 to 100 milliseconds time.

The need for much power

The Sunny Island 8.0H is able to deliver 11 kilowatts over a period of three seconds. And if three inverters are set up in a cluster, that is 33 kilowatts – and with two clusters, it adds up to 66 kilowatts. The battery has to be able to cope with even that, otherwise operating in isolation is not possible. (HS)

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