Storage advice: Standing on the floor or wall-mounted?

10/18/19, 5:00 PM -

Preparing the physical installation of a solar battery one has to decide some questions. The first is to select and secure the appropriate location for the installation. Keep it cool!

Solarwatt's storage system MyReserve Matrix is wall-mounted.

Lithium batteries are heavy, so wall-mounting needs to be particularly carefully implemented. Some systems consist of the electronics mounted to the wall and the battery pack placed on the ground. It is important that the connectors, switches and displays are easily accessed and in a dry and well-lit environment (lighting in the utility room!).

Risky areas

In areas with high risk of flooding the installer has to take into account that there might be a lot of water in the cellar or the ground floor of the building. In this case it might be better to mount the solar battery in higher floors or underneath the roof.

No ventilation required

In contrast to lead batteries, lithium batteries do not require ventilation. They should, however, be in a cool room if possible, albeit one that does not get too cold in winter. The attic is no place for batteries. The utility room should be lockable, with the key kept easily accessible but out of reach for children in a key box.

Easy access in case of fire

The next criterion is the access in case of hazard, damage or fire. If the fire department hurries in, they first have to cut the connection between the battery and the house grid. The fire disconnector should be located in easy reach as the battery itself. (HS)

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