Storage advice: Recycling of different battery types

5/3/19, 5:00 PM -

Taking back used batteries is easy. Recycle it or pick the values out of it is more difficult. Much more difficult.

First step: Collecting the old batteries.

Anyone interested in battery storage has two technologies to choose from: lithium-ion batteries and the long-established lead-acid and lead-gel batteries. Each of these technologies comes with its specific characteristics – regarding capacity and charging cycles as well as price. For the younger lithium-ion technology, appropriate recycling methods still have to be explored.

The goal is a clean life cycle

The goal is a clean, acceptable life cycle. With a recovery rate for lead-acid batteries of almost 100 percent, all is well in the solar storage component. Nevertheless, solar technicians and suppliers are facing a logistical challenge when it comes to recycling: Even the best storage unit runs out of voltage eventually. The material becomes fatigued and a new unit is needed. (HS)

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