Storage advice: Recycling becomes an important issue

5/2/19, 5:00 PM -

Solar panels and solar inverters are subject to the laws on electrical appliances (WEEE). Batteries are regulated by certain battery laws according to EU regulations.

The return of used storage batteries at the end of lifetime is a task for the installer.

The industry is responsible for returning and recycling them. The extensive use of batteries in vehicles, in industry and as of recently also in buildings poses new challenges to the return and recycling of such systems. Lead batteries are now being disposed of in substantial quantities.

Huge amount of disused batteries from e-mobility

If electric mobility prevails, this sector alone will generate a lot of disused lithium-ion batteries. For that reason, a number of research and pilot projects on recycling these types of batteries were and are being carried out – some publicly funded. For small batteries, the focus is on the recovery of the valuable metals such as nickel and cobalt. Recovering a significant proportion of the lithium is still very expensive by conventional methods. (HS)

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