Storage advice: Protect the battery against deep discharge and overcharging

9/18/19, 5:00 PM -

That is what the battery management system is there for. Overcharging causes the electrolyte to heat up. It vaporizes and the cell swells like a balloon.

The BMS is built-in the storage system.

The additives within and the constituents of the electrolyte form an ignitable mixture that can explode. Wrongly constructed or installed batteries can act as an incendiary device right in the utility room.

A ball of fiery gas

If the cell ruptures, it can form a ball of fiery gas that expands nearly instantaneously. That is not meant as a nightmare scenario, but as encouragement to carefully analyse the security risks involved with lithium storage.

Become fragile by the time

Furthermore, many systems are safe when they are new, but over time they can become fragile. For example, internal resistance increases over the years, which also raises the internal temperature of the cells. Dendrites form; cheap systems often tolerate impurities in the electrolyte, and so dendrites already start growing after two years. (HS)

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