Storage advice: Maintenance of storage units

3/20/19, 5:00 PM -

State-of-the-art electricity storage systems are self-contained, user-friendly systems that can be integrated into the building services as a complete product.

The installation needs special care for the parameter setting.

Nevertheless, what follows is some hints on maintenance. For only regularly maintained installations give their operators the joy that the manufacturer promises. This applies to solar panels, inverters and, of course, to storage units.

Connected with a consumption metre

Usually the storage units are connected to the consumption metre (house connection) via sensors. It gives notice when excess solar electricity is to be fed into the grid. When maintaining storage batteries, it is always important to check if the sensor is still correctly applied to the main connection and correctly sends its data to the management system of the storage unit. Only then, the battery control unit is able to make optimal use of the solar energy in the house.

UPS not always possible

If the batteries have an emergency function (Uninterrupted Power Supply, UPS), they to be disconnect from the grid for a short time when servicing (at the battery inverter or solar inverter). This is a good way to test that function.

Generally speaking, functional tests of the unit must be carried out in the manner specified by the manufacturer. Any maintenance must be recorded and documented. Conclusions must be recorded in writing. (HS)

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