Storage advice: Lithium batteries like it cool

9/19/19, 5:00 PM -

Batteries should not be installed in the boiler room or in the attic. Those places can become very warm in summer. Cool spots are to be preferred.

Lithium batteries should not become too warm.
Lithium batteries should not become too warm.

Mount the solar battery system in the cool and dry cellar or outdoor – in a well shaded place. And: wall-mounted systems are better protected against water damage than those on the floor.

You can bury it in the ground

It is also possible to bury the batteries into the ground, enclosed in prefabricated concrete tanks, because they are below the frost line, are at an almost even temperature throughout the year. A good place to put them is along the eastern facade of the house. That way, the battery is slightly warmed by the morning sun when charging begins. It could also be mounted to the northern wall of the house. (HS)

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