Storage advice: Let the battery data flow!

5/17/19, 5:00 PM -

Most solar storage devices are smart and linked with the internet. They need a connection to monitor the system. Be careful to make the data run!

Connecting the communication wires with the inverter.

The technicians usually make the connection using an actual cable, but sometimes there can be difficulties making the connection within the customer’s network. It is a matter of the right IP addresses, passwords or activations. In commercial systems, firewalls and administration by the company’s IT department also come into play.

In order to work properly, the battery control unit definitely needs to be connected to the Internet. Otherwise, operational errors cannot be recognised. Other components such as electronic meters or energy management units are connected to the Internet, so that the customer can make use of the online visualisation tools.

More functions by the internet

The internet connection also helps in using ‘smart’ functions such as weather-oriented control of charging and consumption or a dynamic output control at the point of connection to the grid. At start-up, the technician should make sure that the storage unit is running the latest version of the firmware – and should have a software update with him just in case.

He also needs to have basic IT and network engineering skills. Wireless connections via LTE have proved to be instable with some customers. This can result in complications because of relatively frequent loss of connection.

DSL is more robust

DSL lines are more robust and have shown no problems whatsoever. If a storage unit is to be installed on the premises of a company, the system administrator should first set up the appropriate permissions and support its integration into the company IT.

The communication line has only a few cables and so usually is no problem for most technicians. If the customer asks for emergency power supply, some modifications need to be made within the electrical enclosure – depending on the requirements set by the grid operator. To avoid any rude surprises or unanswered questions, it is best to go over the wiring diagram with the grid operator.

No search for passwords

The small things often can get overlooked. It has happened that in the heat of the moment the two DC poles of the battery have gotten switched. The installing company needs to make sure that the important information on the Internet connection of the customer is available before getting started. This includes the password to the router that has to be given to him before starting up the battery. (HS)

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