Storage advice: Learn from Boeing’s disaster

10/30/18, 5:00 PM -

If dendrites grow inside the lithium cells, the battery parts come apart. The internal short circuit results in a fire – the lithium batterie blows up!

Small residential batteries from a Chinese supplier.

This was what caused a fire on board Boeing’s super jet Dreamliner, forcing it to make an emergency landing. The chemical decomposition of cells cannot be reversed. Nor can such electrochemical processes be healed by any particularly nifty charging regime. Such a cell, and thus the entire battery is no longer safe.

Safety first for the system!

A separator may decrease the efficiency of the cell, but it stays safe and cannot self-destruct. Of critical importance to the safety of the system, however, is that manufacturers comply with the standards and regulations that already exist – commonly known as the state of the art. (HS)

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