Storage advice: Defective batteries require an outer packaging

4/25/19, 5:00 PM -

The cover has to be certified by the authorities. These is special cargo that should be left to the specialists.

You can't always look inside the battery.

The specialist company that installed the battery should ideally get the manufacturer or their representative to assess and return the defective battery from the site at the customer. If nothing else, then because the manufacturer or importer is often responsible for repairs or disposal.

Check the rule of 1,000 points

If the solar technician transports a new battery weighing up to 333 kilograms to the customer or collects it there, the so-called tradesman’s rule applies, which is codified in the GGVSEB or in item in paragraph C of the ADR. It requires him to abide by fewer rules to transport such items. Transport may also be simplified according to the ‘1,000-points rule’.

Sometimes an exemption is possible

It states: If the sum of all dangerous goods on board the vehicle in accordance with the ADR calculation has not exceeded a thousand points, the transport can be handled, regardless of origin or destination, in compliance with simplified rules. However, both regulations are not a complete exemption from dangerous goods regulations – even if it is sometimes called an exemption. (HS)

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