Storage advice: Check the liquid level in lead batteries

3/22/19, 5:00 PM -

If liquid sulphuric acid is used in the battery cells, it is important to regularly check the liquid level and the pH in the cells.

Even in compact systems one has to consider enough liquid in it.

If necessary, the distilled water needs to be refilled. Since the batteries are always made up of interconnected single cells, this work can be very time consuming, especially for larger storage units. Such lead-acid storage units must be set up within a special tub.

The battery needs ventilation, too

In addition, lead storage units need to be ventilated, because the acid slowly decomposes as part of the process of energy conversion. As a result, they give off hydrogen to their surroundings. The ventilation pipe must have a sufficient cross-section. Also, the utility room of the lead-acid battery needs to be well-ventilated. (HS)

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