Storage advice: Be ready for further service!

10/24/19, 5:00 PM -

After starting up the solar battery system, the technician should always check the configurations as given in the online portal of the manufacturer. This is the base for good after sales services.

Switch on the battery systems also includes to be ready for after installation services.

It is crucial to instruct the operator in dealing with the operational states of their unit. Because it is the operator that is responsible for the proper operation of the installation. A thorough instruction early-on can prevent the need for quite a few service calls later. For instance, the end customer needs to know how to reactivate his unit from standby mode.

And this instruction needs to be documented. In the case of lead battery systems, data such as each cell’s level of charge at the point of start-up has to be recorded.

Protection against overvoltage

Just like any other electrical equipment, storage units have to be protected from overvoltage. The relevant fuses are usually included. To meet the insurers guidelines fitting a combined lightning and surge arrester is recommended, even though lightning or surge protection is not mandatory for smaller residential buildings.

The arrester protects the buildings installations and thus also the storage unit. In public or commercial buildings, lightning protection is mandatory, and other rules and requirements also apply to the protection of electrical systems from overvoltage. (HS)

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