Storage advice: Batteries are dangerous goods

4/24/19, 5:00 PM -

When the installing company or technician picks up a battery at the distributor, they must comply with the relevant rules and regulations on the transport of dangerous goods.

dealing with storage systems is a job for professional installers.

Only for transporting the battery directly to or from the customer, what is known as the tradesman’s rule applies as an exception to certain provisions. Therefore, it is best for the installing company to have the manufacturer deliver the systems to his warehouse or directly to the end customer, because they usually engage logistics companies that are familiar with hazardous materials.

Is it a new battery?

It is important to distinguish: Is the battery new, it is being installed for the first time? Or is it being exchanged because it is faulty or at the end of its service life. Certain special provisions in the ADR apply to the transport, packaging and, where applicable, authorisation requirements for used and defective lithium-ion batteries. (HS)

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