SMA uses Tigo Technology to improve solar yield and combines power electronics with the battery of Mercedes Benz

5/25/16, 12:00 PM -

Recently has SMA Solar Technology disclosed a new partnership with Tigo Energy. The inverter manufacturer will use module level monitoring with the smart module technology TS4, developed by Tigo, to expand its data services.

SMA took over shares ot Tigo company and now drives the cooperation ahead.

For example, the chip-based solution of Tigo can augment partially shaded PV modules with an optimization function. As a result, the energy yield of the entire PV system can be cost-effectively increased. With previous solutions, every PV module always had to be equipped with an optimizer, whether necessary or not.

Implementation of Tesla and Mercedes Benz energy storage system

For private residential PV systems, SMA has also developed the Sunny Boy Storage battery inverter especially for high-voltage batteries like the Tesla Powerwall. The AC-coupled storage solution can be integrated cost-effectively, easily and flexibly into existing PV systems, or used without a PV array as it runs parallel to the PV system. This system concept also enables integration into any system configuration, even in new installations. By means of the AC coupling of the storage system and standardized interfaces, the system can be changed flexibly at any time.

Also new is the combined solution of the Mercedes-Benz energy storage system and SMA’s flexible Storage System, which allows households to make themselves less reliant on electric utility companies through optimized self-consumption. The SMA solution, which has the Sunny Island battery inverter, Sunny Home Manager and SMA Energy Meter as components to lowers users’ electricity costs by and charging the battery based on forecasts. (HS)