SMA and Tesvolt Cooperate In Commercial Storage System Development and Distribution

3/21/16, 9:00 AM -

SMA has now qualified Tesvolt’s lithium energy storage system for use with the Sunny Island battery inverter. The batteries supply storage capacity from 10 kilowatt hours to 120 kilowatt hours.

The entire storage system is controlled digitally
Storage system Li is controlled digitally

The combined system of battery and battery inverter can be used in PV systems, CHP plants and wind power plants as well as in hydroelectric power plants. It enables companies in the commercial sector to sustainably and cost-effectively reduce their energy costs.

“Qualifying Tesvolt’s lithium storage systems for use with SMA inverters was an important step for us,” said Volker Wachenfeld, Executive Vice President of the Offgrid & Storage business unit at SMA. “It offers new energy storage options to companies that help them maximize their self-consumption of PV power. The Sunny Island inverter was developed to optimize the performance and efficiency of energy supply systems, and can be used in both off-grid and grid-tied systems.”

Connected to low-voltage grid

In addition to being able to be used in almost every type of energy generation system connected to the low-voltage grid, the combination of a lithium battery-storage system and Sunny Island battery inverter also offers unlimited use in off-grid applications.

“Our battery-storage systems, in combination with the Sunny Island, have one of the highest levels of overall system efficiency on the market currently at 79 to 84 per cent,” said Simon Schandert, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Tesvolt. “This high level of efficiency ensures that businesses are often able to generate their own electricity for only 9 to 14 cents per kWh – with the original costs for the storage system and PV system already factored in.” (HS)