Phocos: Solar charge controllers can increase output by 30 percent

6/3/16, 2:00 PM -

Up to 97 percent power efficiency from the module promises the German company Phocos – especially for offgrid batteries.

Then new solar charger from Phocos.

The MPPT solar charge controller series automatically tracks the solar module’s ideal power point, from 50 to 230 Volt. This ensures maximum power output at any point in time, independent of solar radiation, temperature or module type.

Phocos MPPTsolid 230/100 delivers up to 100 Ampere input current from 24 to 72 Volt DC to battery or storage. Phocos’ proprietary adjustable three-stage MPPT charging algorithm enables maximum solar module flexibility, as PV arrays with higher voltage than the charged battery can also be used. A battery temperature sensor ensures automated temperature compensation of the charging voltage.

Safe plug-in solutions

The P-Box is an economical, safe plug and play solution for optimum power output from solar modules, ready for use anywhere. The compact cabinet combines all required components: All the user has to do is connect solar module and battery.

Other than conventional cabinets, the P-Box is modular: If one component fails it can easily be replaced in a few seconds, saving time and money. The P-Box is available in one-phase or three-phase version. All types of solar modules can be used. The manufacturer offers several models for applications from 350 Watt up to 10,500 Watt. (HS)