Italian installers network cooperates with Sonnen for energy storage

10/24/17, 2:39 PM -

Sonnen is supplying 20,000 of its energy storage systems to a new merger of installers in Italy. In addition, private households equipped with storage systems are networked into an energy community.

Ready for delivery to Italy: ready-made solar batteries on the right.
Ready for delivery to Italy: ready-made solar batteries on the right.

The newly-founded Energy Alliance Italia will equip 20,000 households in Italy with a photovoltaic system and a energy storage unit within the next 24 months. In addition, these households are interconnected and networked to form a decentralized energy community. Italy is the second largest market for electricity storage in Europe after Germany. Battery manufacturer Sonnen has been active in this market since the beginning of 2016 and has its own subsidiary in Bergamo.

Decentralized energy community

In the alliance, some of Italy's largest installers have joined together, including Supersolar, Smile Energy, CDNE, Rex Energy and Sky NRG. The framework agreement for the supply and the storage network was signed on 20 October between Allianz members and Sonnen. In addition, they are linked to a decentralized energy community so that the members can share their energy. This technology also provided by Sonnen. (NHP)

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