Ingeteam’s hybrid solar-plus-storage inverter now compatible with BYD’s HV batteries

3/29/19, 2:05 PM -

At their respective R&D laboratories, Ingeteam and BYD have tested and certified the compatibility of BYD’s high voltage Battery-Box H 5.1 and 6.4 and Ingeteam’s INGECON SUN STORAGE 1Play hybrid solar-plus-storage inverter.

Ingeteam’s hybrid solar-plus-storage inverter now compatible with BYD’s HV batteries
Now fully combinable: Ingeteam’s inverters and BYD’s batteries

Combining Ingeteam’s inverter and BYD’s batteries makes it a complete hybrid system to capture and maximise the use of the solar resource. The versatility of the Ingeteam hybrid inverter in combination with BYD’s HV battery, permits to operate in stand-alone mode, back-up (UPS) mode or self-consumption mode. Thus, on-grid systems can store the solar energy during the day to consume it at night without risk of a power outage in case of a grid blackout, prioritising the maximum self-consumption ratio at the same time.

During the certification process, BYD implemented a new battery capacity calibration system to improve the measuring and control of the state of charge of the battery. This newest feature was also implemented and certified within the Ingeteam inverter.

BYD’s LiFePO4 high voltage battery, with capacities of 5.1 kWh or 6.4 kWh has been conceived for residential and commercial applications, storing the electricity and optimising the installation’s energy efficiency thanks to the stabilisation of the power supplied.

For its part, the Ingeteam hybrid inverter makes it possible to connect a PV array and a battery bank to the same unit, thereby reducing the cost of the system as a whole. It is a 3 or 6 kW single-phase transformerless inverter, and suitable for residential and commercial installations. (mfo)

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