Growing smart storage market in Ireland and UK

8/9/19, 11:01 AM -

Q CELLS brings its Q.HOME+ ESS AC-G2 storage solution to the growing U.K. and Irish market and targets smart integrations.

The Q.HOME+ ESS AC-G2 storage solution of Q CELLS is now also available in Ireland and UK.
The Q.HOME+ ESS AC-G2 storage solution of Q CELLS is now also available in Ireland and UK.

Q CELLS has introduced its complete AC-coupled energy storage solutions to the U.K. and Irish markets. The Q.HOME+ ESS AC-G2 storage system is optimised for household applications and has already been well received in the most mature residential storage market in Germany.

As the U.K. transitions to a post-FIT (feed in tariff) solar landscape, demand for greater energy autonomy is expected to rise sharply in a nation that is home to more than 1 million residential solar rooftops, according to the Solar Trade Association. The intelligent design of the Q.HOME+ ESS AC-G2 storage system allows the product to be quickly and easily installed – either alongside a new solar PV array, or as a retrofit option to an existing solar installation.

The Q.HOME+ ESS AC-G2 comprises an AC inverter, a 6.5 kWh LG Chem lithium ion battery, and an energy management system (EMS) that allows for a complete and user-friendly overview of energy production and self-consumption. An emergency power backup feature is also integrated within the system, delivering further functionality to the homeowner.

Flexible solutions for an integrated market

Thanks to the EMS and the fact that the system can communicate directly with most common PV inverters on the market, the Q.HOME+ ESS AC-G2 is also an interesting solution for solar developers, integrators, and utilities interested in developing de-centralized electricity architectures.

Volume customers of Q CELLS have the possibility to custom integrate a number of Q.HOME+ ESS AC-G2 storage systems into a virtual power plant (VPP) or micro-grid, thus enabling the system to be utilised by homeowners to participate in grid applications, time-based energy management, and home-connected solutions such as electric car chargers and heat pumps.

Sean Collier, Q CELLS’ Head of Sales U.K., Ireland & Scandinavia, said: “Our ambition is to become the go-to energy provider across Europe, extending beyond merely supplying high-quality solar components, and to become a total energy solutions provider of 100% green energy.

Easy retrofitting into solar homes

“The Q.HOME+ ESS AC-G2 storage system is a flexible and reliable piece of the energy puzzle: it can be retrofitted easily into current solar homes or it can be integrated in new installations with any PV inverter. Furthermore, it can connect to other systems to complement smart services for the operators of battery assets – which are a potential source of revenue.”

The evolution of the U.K.’s energy sector is occurring at pace, and solar+storage systems are poised to play a starring role in this transition as technology costs fall and functionality and flexibility continue to increase. 

Established as market leader in the U.K. in 2018, according to the most recent EuPD Research Global PV InstallerMonitor 2018/2019 survey, Q CELLS is well positioned to remain at the forefront of the U.K.’s evolving energy space, the company says.

Complementing Q CELLS’ solar modules – which includes the award-winning Q.PEAK DUO series – is a broad portfolio of storage solutions and balance of systems (BOS) products. The Stormcloud, already launched in Germany, is a software platform that delivers de-centralized energy solutions for homeowners who have a Q CELLS solar+storage system installed. Stored solar energy can be smartly consumed by the homeowner, or – via the energy management software – intelligently, sustainably and cost-effectively utilized via a cloud-based system.(HCN)

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