Fronius and BYD cooperate

1/10/19, 11:03 AM -

Fronius Solar Energy and BYD have put their seal on their strategic partnership. Fronius is the only provider that is able to supply three-phase consumers in emergency power situations. It does this with the help of the BYD Battery-Box HV.

Martin Hackl, Head of Solar Energy at Fronius International and Julia Chen, Global Sales Director of BYD Batteries.
Martin Hackl, Head of Solar Energy at Fronius International and Julia Chen, Global Sales Director of BYD Batteries.

Fronius and BYD underlined their collaboration during the recent visit of a delegation from the Chinese manufacturer to Gmunden in Austria. The Technology Centre in Gmunden is already hosting one of the first Fronius pilot production systems employing a BYD Battery-Box. At the heart of the system is the flexible Fronius Symo Hybrid inverter, which is compatible with several of the BYD Battery-Box HV models. The modular design of the battery storage solution allows users to adjust storage capacity to their individual needs as and when required. “We are delighted to collaborate with such a renowned and committed partner as Fronius in offering our high-quality solutions”, commented Julia Chen, Global Sales Director of BYD Batteries. “Both companies will be working hard to promote the uptake of renewable energy.”

Technology Centre in Gmunden.

Three-phase emergency power

A special feature is the three-phase emergency power supply. This provides the highest levels of self-sufficiency and flexibility. “As before, there are still hardly any solutions for providing 3-phase emergency power from a battery. This is something we’re now changing. Using the BYD Battery-Box HV makes us the only supplier providing this type of emergency power supply”, observed Martin Hackl, Head of Solar Energy at Fronius International. “It adds a number of attractive options to the world of Fronius storage systems and makes us first choice when it comes to selecting a storage solution that can be tailored to a customer’s needs.”

Safe, efficient and powerful

The BYD Battery-Box storage system is based on lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4), the safest technology on the market. This gives short charging times over an exceptionally long service life and results in high rates of self-consumption. The combination of a charging infrastructure for electric cars or a thermal storage system based around the Fronius Ohmpilot consumption regulator makes maximum levels of self-sufficiency within one’s own four walls possible. The Fronius Symo Hybrid inverter will be compatible with the BYD Battery-Box HV as standard from Q1 2019 and will be available in both Europe and Australia. (HCN)

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