Flexible with modular expandable energy storage systems

10/9/17, 2:14 PM -

Modular expandable energy storage systems like the BYD B-Box HV support families on their path to energy self-sufficiency. A family home in Bavaria could reach a self-sufficiency grade of almost 80 percent.

Due to its modular design energy storage systems like the BYD B-Box HV can be easily installed and expanded.
Due to its modular design energy storage systems like the BYD B-Box HV can be easily installed and expanded.

A recent end-customer example is the former CEO of Frankensolar, Reinhold Hieronymus, who was looking for an energy storage solution to complement the PV rooftop system of his family home in Bavaria. As a market expert and after screening new solution trends at Intersolar Europe had already decided to pick a high-voltage storage solution due to the minimised conversion losses and additional advantages.

Flexibility as an asset

The solution portfolio of the installer the family consulted included the high-voltage storage solution B-Box HV by BYD. Mr Hieronymus compared the system with other high-voltage solutions and concluded: "There are not very many high voltage storage systems in the market yet. The B-Box was able to convince me with its superior features compared to the solutions of competitors. It offers unique advantages such as the plug-in system for easy installation and the modular design which provides a maximum of flexibility and expandability. With the competitors, we would have had to decide on a 6, 8 or 10 kWh system. But what if we wanted to include other components such as an electric vehicle in the future? The compatibility with well-rated local inverters such as the SMA Sunny Boy Storage, was another major plus for the B-Box system. In addition, BYD as the world's largest manufacturer of rechargeable batteries stands for proven technology which conveys trust."

70-80 percent energy self-sufficiency

The PV system of the family provides an energy surplus during the day which they wanted to store for electricity supply in the household during night. The family had already invested in a water heat storage system which is also fed by a heat pump. However, it can only cover the heat supply for the household and not the electricity demand. This will now be ensured by a BYD B-Box HV lithium storage system with 8 modules and 10.2 kWh. The solution will help family Hieronymus to become 70 to 80 percent energy self-sufficient. "Rising energy prices were only one factor for us to start looking for an energy storage system. The much stronger incentive for us was to be able to independently produce and use our own, sustainable and environmentally friendly energy," said the home owner.

As a trained electrician, the home owner himself performed the installation of the B-Box. The patented plug-in system makes the installation particularly easy, so it can usually be done very quickly by a single. "I was able to stack the modules like lego blocks”, confirms Reinhold Hieronymus. “They are then are locked together with a simple turn of a wrench to secure each module. That’s not only very cleverly designed but also looks great”.

The possibility to expand the modular solution was the most critical argument as the family plans to buy an electric vehicle next year and to include it into their energy household. "In addition, one can hardly foresee the possibilities that might arise in the future," said Mr. Hieronymus. "With the B-Box, we can cover our current requirements and connect additional modules or even another B-Box tower when needed." (HCN)

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