Energy storage: our expert’s interviews at a glance

12/6/16, 7:05 PM -

Solar battery is a job for experts. That’s why we open our ears to their point of view, their prophecies and judgement. They guide you through the fast changing business – analysing trends, predicting price reduction, the entrance of new technologies and market development throughout Europe, America, Australia, Asia, Africa and Australia.

Herbert Schein of VARTA is one of our expert partners.

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Solarwatt´s MyReserve battery storage system: Modular design for fast installation – growing markets UK & Ireland, Pol Spronck says

Energy storage system MyReserve: “Highest priority on safety” Pol Spronck from Solarwatt says


In energy storage business you have to know your customers, says Philipp Schroeder from Sonnen

SMA are transforming into a full system supplier of power electronics, says CTO Juergen Reinert

Andreas Piepenbrink of E3/DC predicts dramatic price decline in energy storage down to five kilowatt hours for 1,600 euros

Energy storage markets in Europe: BYD focuses on Germany, France, Italy and the UK

What makes PV, power electronics and solar batteries more efficient and more intelligent? Lior Handelsman of SolarEdge analyses the trends

What goes into designing an effective high-voltage battery? Dr Vetter of the Fraunhofer ISE explains

How will prices for energy storage solutions develop? Andreas Piepenbrink shares his observations

"This new storage unit is a big step forward." Interview with Santiago Senn, director of LG Chem Europe

“We will do more to adapt our units to self-consumption and zero feed-in, for example”

“For us, 2015 was an excellent year. We managed to raise our turnover by 80 per cent.”

“In the Battery Sector There Are Very Few Local Markets Left”

“A Battery Cell Has 150 Dials That You Can Change While You Are Making It”

“Medium-Sized Storage Systems Up To 200 kWh Have The Best Prospects”

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