Energy storage: Successful test installations of MyReserve in Northern Ireland Pearse from BHC Distributors reports

2/24/17, 12:00 PM -

Trials of battery storage system MyReserve of Solarwatt have begun in the UK and Ireland ahead of a planned April launch. Besides some smaller teething issues Pearse McHenry from BHC Distributors in Ballycastle/Northern Ireland also reports about positive practical results. He sees good sales perspectives especially in Ireland, also due to already passed grid-certification of the solar inverters of the energy storage system. (Part two)

Successful trial installations of battery energy storage system MyReserve of Solarwatt also in Northern Ireland.
Pearse McHenry from BHC Distributors in Ballycastle with an installed MyReserve battery energy storage system.

“Installation of the MyReserve is very straightforward and due to its modular design one man can mount all of the main components easily”, Pearse McHenry, Managing Director of BHC told pv Europe. “Our first test installation was completed with two men in one day. The most time-consuming part was pulling the communications cables to the necessary parts. We have now completed three pilot installations so far and each time the two-man team is completing the jobs faster”, he reports. 

4 kw to 6 kw systems tested

“We also had a teething issue with one of the systems but as Wind & Sun had the issue before us we were able to use that knowledge to rectify the firmware issue very quickly. The firmware stick that we now have is excellent and really speeds up the installation time now also”, he says. These test installations have been domestic size systems between 4 and 6 kw with the main aim of the clients to increase their self-consumption”, Pearse says.

High installers interest in Ireland

A couple of weeks ago BHC hold its first installer information day in the middle of Ireland and “the response has been fantastic”, Pearse says. “Every installation company has commented since on the quality of the Solarwatt products and the next step is to train the installers to the standards required. This will begin in due course before the official launch of the MyReserve in Ireland.”

Four trial installations so far

“We have another trial installation to complete soon which will bring the amount to four with more in the pipeline. We are not pushing sales too much now as we want our installer network to be ready and also we want the test installation time periods to run their course to ensure everything is running smoothly”, he underlines. Installers prices will be as per Wind & Suns about £4800 plus VAT for the MR 800 4.4. kWh with Energy manager and 63 amp AC sensor. For the MR500 4.4 kWh with Energy manager and 63 amp AC sensor the planned installers price is £4400 plus VAT

Competitive sales advantages through passed grid-certification

In response to the question whether there are major differences in certification requirements and electrical safety standards between UK, Northern Ireland and Ireland, Pearse says: “There are DNO and electrical cert differences even between Northern Ireland and south of Ireland never mind the rest of the UK! But we are working closely with all relevant bodies including the DNOs to ensure that everything is in place before the official launch. Due to the design of the My Reserve I see this product having major competitive advantages over similar products as the solar inverters already have the relevant certification needed by the DNOs. This will allow a volume of sales quickly which other products could have problems achieving in Ireland”, he underlines.

Make sure everything works 100% in a new country before the official launch

Pol Spronck, Solarwatt`s International Sales Manager, said: “Trials are important as we need to make sure everything works 100% in a new country before officially launching the product. Take-up of Solarwatt advanced dual-glass solar modules has been strong in the UK and Ireland, and we expect a great deal of interest in MyReserve.”

Top photovoltaic storage brand ratings

Meanwhile, MyReserve has been voted the top photovoltaic storage brand 2017 in Germany in a survey of installers. The study by EuPD Research consultancy found Solarwatt the best-regarded brand in solar energy, while its modules were awarded top photovoltaic brand for Europe. More than 600 installers in Europe and 100 in Australia were surveyed for EuPD’s Global PV Installer Monitor survey. Solarwatt scored above average on brand awareness, recommendation and distribution. (HCN)

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