Energy storage: Solarwatt launches fully modular MyReserve Matrix

5/19/17, 11:00 AM -

Solarwatt launches a modular energy storage system, which can be easily adapted to the needs of different customer groups. The MyReserve Matrix only consists of the control module command and the battery packs. 

he new energy storage system MyReserve Matrix from Solarwatt has a modular design with a battery module and a command power box (buttom).
The new energy storage system MyReserve Matrix from Solarwatt has a modular design with a battery module and a command power box (buttom).

The MyReserve Matrix energy storage system is almost unlimited in terms of capacity and performance, making it suitable for any number of different applications: from single-family homes up to industrial use. “With this system, we are able to cover 90 percent of all applications”, Detlef Neuhaus Managing Director of Solarwatt says. The new battery system will be launched at Intersolar Europe in Munich.

Two basic components, each the size of a shoebox.

The MyReserve storage system now consists only of two elements the size of a shoebox: the MyReserve Pack battery module and the MyReserve Command power electronics. All connectors, sensors, and software are completely contained in this small module. "Our entire system is based on a matrix of these two basic building blocks," says Andreas Gutsch, Managing Director of the Solarwatt technology center, who is responsible for the development of the MyReserve battery. If users need more storage capacity or performance, an unlimited number of MyReserve Pack or Command modules can be combined.

Configurations from 2.2 kWh to 2 MWh

This allows application-oriented configurations as small as 2.2 kWh or as large as 2 MWh. "With uncompromisingly scalable performance and capacity, there is a home battery on the market for the first time that fits all applications. Our installers need only deal with these two components. This means less training, storage, and transport costs - and, last but not least, faster and easier installation", Gutsch says.

Easy replacement of defective parts and simple recycling

Another advantage for installers and consumers is easy replacement of defective parts abd due to the modular design. This allows also easy recycling. “The new MyReserve is the first li-ion battery system that can be fully non-constructive dismantled”, Gutsch says. The new efficiency guideline for residential li-on battery storage systems will be also implemented for the new system until coming Intersolar Europe 2017 in Munich, Gutsch announced.

Modular structure can be easily adapted for different markets

The customizable size of the storage system makes profitability even more achievable for end-customers. The modular structure also has advantages for the further internationalization of the Solarwatt Group: "This consistent modularity will make it easier for us to introduce the MyReserve successfully in the various foreign markets that are of interest to us," adds CFO Carsten Bovenschen, "If the battery needs to be adapted to specific conditions on site, only one of the building blocks needs to be modified, instead of the entire product. This results in significant scale effects." (HCN)

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