Energy storage: Renewable based microgrid and smart batteries aimed to make Tilos energy independent

8/26/16, 2:00 PM -

A European consortium including Younicos is working to make Greek island of Tilos energy independent within the next four years. Goal is to build up a renewables-based microgrid backed by smart energy storage.

The Greek island of Tilos possesses a huge potential for sustainable energy from wind and sun.

Tilos possesses a huge potential for sustainable energy from wind and sun. However, today the 500 inhabitants of Tilos purchase expensive fossil fuel-based power, which is transported to the island through an interconnection from the neighboring island of Kos.

Share of up to 80 percent wind and solar

As a member of the TILOS consortium Younicos is working to make Tilos 100 percent renewable. The implementation of an intelligent grid-forming battery system will allow the island to form a renewables-based microgrid with a share of up to 80 percent of wind and solar power. The island could even become an exporter of its green excess electricity. Additionally, the energy storage system will reduce load on the strained undersea cable, thus minimizing the risk of blackouts.

Intelligent batteries and energy management system

Within the consortium Younicos is responsible for developing the energy management system and evaluating the technical and economic viability of the project. The energy management system designed by Younicos will constitute the new centerpiece of the energy system on Tilos. It implants intelligence into the system by connecting the different system components such as solar modules, wind turbines, different loads and the new battery system according to the company.

Supported through EU Horizon2020 program

The initiative is a multinational effort comprising 15 enterprises and institutes from around Europe. It is headed by a team of experts in the field of soft energy and environmental protection from the Piraeus University of Applied Sciences. It was selected out of 80 projects competing to be included in the Horizon2020 program, the EU’s largest research and innovation program with nearly € 80 billion  available.

Boost for ecotourism and local jobs

Experts hope that the Tilos program will boost both the local economy as well as ecotourism on the island and eventually have a ripple effect throughout the Mediterranean for islands going green. Recently Tilos was economically hit by the Greek financial crisis and the high number of arriving refugees and migrants. (HCN)

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