Energy Storage conference Capture 2016 will identify new business opportunities in the UK - November 1, 2016, Milton Keynes

7/20/16, 11:00 AM -

Capture 2016 will showcase, promote and discuss promising business opportunities in the energy storage sector in the UK. pv Europe is partnering with the UK energy storage conference, that takes place in Milton Keynes, November 1, 2016.

Energy storage conference Capture 2016 will take place in Milton Keynes, northwest of London, November 1, 2016.

The conference will address the role for energy storage in the new energy infrastructure and consider the latest developments, strategies and opportunities within UK energy storage. Through a combination of conference discussions and networking the event will provide a platform for stakeholders to discuss key debates, maximise potential and accelerate growth within the UK energy storage industry.

Valuable networking possibilities

Capture 2016  will focus on the current status of the UK energy storage industry and provide a strategic overview of the development needed to enable energy storage technology to flourish in the UK. Capture 2016 will also feature a break-out exhibition showcasing the latest technologies and solutions from across the energy storage industry. The exhibition will also host networking throughout the course of the day, bringing together government officials, project developers, operators, utilities and investors with manufacturers and system providers.

Broad range of energy storage technologies

Presentations will consider projects at varying levels of development across a breadth of storage technologies including battery technologies such as lithium-ion, lead acid and redox flow, pumped hydro storage or flywheels. Attention will also be paid to key process stages including installation, operational efficiency and decommissioning. Commercial deployment of energy storage will be discussed with a focus upon utility scale deployment, distributed, off-grid and small-scale applications, smart grids and grid architecture.

Capture 2016 is organized by Charles Maxwell Limited. The conference will take place November 1 in Jurys Inn Hotel in Milton Keynes, around 45 miles northwest of London. (HCN)

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