Eaton wins IBC Solar as new distributor

2/13/18, 2:03 PM -

IBC Solar will be the German distributor for Eaton’s new energy storage solution xStorage Home. The new partnership combines energy management and photovoltaics.

Eaton’s energy storage solution xStorage Home.
Eaton’s energy storage solution xStorage Home.

“We at Eaton have already acquired 100 years’ experience in the energy management sector,” explains Martin Kram, Director Sales & Managing Director. “Our broad portfolio of electrical installation solutions is very successful on the market. The partnership with IBC Solar allows us to combine our experience from the energy management sector with the experience of the leading provider in the photovoltaic and energy storage systems sector.”

Next step for the evolution of PV storage systems

Sebastian Geier, Director Product Management & Development at IBC Solar, adds: “The quality requirements of the traditional companies Eaton and IBC Solar are a perfect fit for each other. In our opinion, Eaton’s entry into the home storage systems market marks the next step in the evolution of PV energy storage systems.” IBC solar will distribute Eaton`s xStorage Home in Germany.(HCN)

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