EES AWARD 2018 winners with outstanding storage innovations

6/27/18, 11:02 AM -

SMA Solar Technology, Socomec and Dynapower Company are the winners of the prestigious ees AWARD 2018.

The Sunny Central Storage of SMA has grid forming capabilites.
The Sunny Central Storage of SMA has grid forming capabilites.

Digitization concepts or intelligent networking and distribution of electricity would be inconceivable without efficient storage technologies. Since 2014, particularly innovative and ground-breaking products and solutions for the energy storage industry have been awarded with the ees AWARD. This year`s winner are SMA, Socomec and Dynapower.

SMA Sunny Central Storage with grid-forming capabilities

SMA’s Sunny Central Storage is the central component of a system for the integration of large-scale storage systems into the grid. The unique characteristic of this inverter for grid-connected applications and hybrid PV mini-grids is that the Sunny Central Storage has grid-forming capabilities and can act like a rotating mass in a power grid. This allows integration of battery storage just like an additional genset.

Designed to compensate for fluctuations in solar energy generation, this large-scale storage inverter offers comprehensive grid management services, and is compatible with various battery technologies. The system enables grid operation via solar and storage alone but can also cover a sudden 100% generation loss without grid interruption or additional hardware.

This product was selected by the jury for its high storage compatibility, operational range of temperatures between -25 °C and 60 °C, and high flexibility, including a DC voltage range from 480 V to 1,500 V. It is expected that this solution can target multiple applications and seamlessly integrate into existing infrastructure, enabling the development and effective operation of microgrids with high shares of renewables, which is crucial in the decarbonization of remote and island locations.

Socomec: Microgrid Energy Storage Solution

High-efficiency at low load levels Socomec’s Microgrid Energy Storage Solution is a system composed of products that provide resiliency to grid-tied microgrids and stabilize energy availability for rural or island electrification. The solution can be integrated into a wide range of mini-grid system architectures, from 33kW/91kWh up to 800kW/1MWh. Based on a modular architecture, the solution can cover many applications, increase reliability, and reduce maintenance costs. There is a high degree of flexibility in storage technology, with lead-acid, lithium-ion and redox-flow batteries.

The jury also awarded the Socomec system’s high efficiency at low load levels, and the ability to control and manage the system through a remote website solution. The Microgrid Energy Storage Solution maximizes PV integration in a cost-effective solution for an isolated area.

Dynapower DC – reduced costs, increased output

The Dynapower DC power conversion system is specifically designed to couple utility-scale solar with storage on the DC side. This reduces installation costs and enables the increase of PV power production of large PV power plants. The solution can also be used to retrofit energy storage in large PV power plants on the DC side without changing the inverter. The battery is on the DC side of the system parallel to the PV generator.

The jury awarded the ambitious system concept that matches the needs of the American market and appreciated the scalable approach from 375 kW to 3 MW of storage power. The end application of the system is intended to be the interfacing of battery energy storage with existing or new 1,000 V to 1,500 V PV arrays and central inverter systems. Dynapower is one of the first providers of a solution for integration of utility-scale DC-coupled solar plus storage project. (HCN)

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